Our Vision

Egyptian Textile Development Association (ETDA), since its inception, it is determined is supporting the vertical integration of the Egyptian Textile Industry.
The aim of ETDA is the increase of the world market share of the Egyptian textile and clothing exports. ETDA believes that the succession of its aim can be obtained by:
  • Modernizing the Egyptian Textile and Clothing Industry.
  • Upgrading and developing all the angles of the Egyptian Textile Industry; from Spinning, Weaving, Dyeing, Finishing to Apparel and Home Textile sector.
  • Achieving a competitive vertically integrated textile supply.

ETDA Objectives

  • Promote and achieve professionalism in all the private sectors of the Egyptian Textile Industry (including Spinning, Weaving, Dyeing, Finishing, Ready Made Garments and Home Textiles). The main central functions are the provision of an operational framework, the improvements and maintenance of quality, particularly in regards to professional qualifications and the spread of information and the "Know-How" practices to members and others.
  • (FDI) Upgrade the SME's within the Egyptian Textile Industry in terms of production, products quality, management, technical status and environmental conditions by attracting European FDI to invest in Egypt.
  • (Exports) Increase the Egyptian Exports by exerting a pull on European and USA buyers to source from the Egyptian Textile Manufacturers.
  • Develop the Information Technology status of the private sector SMEs of the Egyptian Textile Industry, build and develop a strong network within the Egyptian Textile Manufactures and with the international market place. Obtain a source for transparent information on the Egyptian Textile Industry and its manufactures.
  • Through extensive and topic-specific conferences, forums, and workshops the Association is able to pinpoint and localize present-day and possible future industry-specific issues and concerns. The industry players as well as the governmental bodies are the key participants in the problem resolution processes that alleviate the problems, and likewise are the eventual foreseers managing the maintenance of the process once the solution is in place.