Dr. Bahaa El Din Raafat - Chairman

  • Chairman, The Egyptian Knitting & Ready Made Co.
  • Chairman & Manager Director, Golden Mask Garment Co.
  • Chairman & Manager Director, Egyptian Knitting Services Co.
  • Chairman, Egyptian Textile Development Association
  • Held high positions in the Egyptian Ministry of Industry: (1953-1976)
  • Consultant, Hosiery Mill, Renfro, at Mount-Airy N.C.
  • B.SC Chemistry - Faculty of since - Alexandria University 1953
  • M.SC Textile Technology, NC Stat, University at Raleigh U.S.A 1966
  • N.C. State at Raleigh, Several Local Management Courses were attended, 1961
  • Board member, Directors of the Egyptian General Textile Organization
  • The Knitting Consulting committee for the Egyptian General Textile Organization
  • Board member, The Textile Industry Association

Eng. Samir Riad - Vice Chairman

He was graduated from faculty of engineering in 1964. The company started as a family business in 1930's by Samy Riad. It was established as Fabrique de Flanelles Samir in 1947 focusing on the production of knitted fabric and ready made garments for export. He has managed to develop and establishing a vertically integrated textile and apparel factories under the Riad Group Co. , supplying quality products to leading international brand names and department stores. Under the privatization program, Samir Riad invested in El Nasr clothing and textiles Co. (KABO) a previously owned Public sector factory, which was founded in 1940 and he managed to restructure and improve the efficiency to become the largest manufacturer of underwear and outwear products in the world. Its products are well known by the international. He is also a founding member of the Egyptian Exporters Association (Expolink).

Prof. Dr. Karima Hagag - Treasurer

Prof. Dr. Karima Hagag works in the textile department in the National Research Center. She supervised several M. Sc and Ph.D papers with in the department. She participated in many local and international conferences as a speaker or discussant.

Mr. Hany El Habibi - Secretary

Graduated from faculty of Business Administration, Cairo University (English Section) in 1995, Mr. Hany El Habibi is the official representative of the International Textile Institute (Manchester, UK) in Egypt and he was the president of the organizing committee team that organized the Textile Institute 82nd annual conference in March 2002, that attracted more than 150 International professionals and experts in the textile and apparel from around the world.

He is managing the feasibility of expansion of the Textile Institute network in Egypt to be part of the its International membership network that covers more than 90 countries and spanning every sector and occupation relating to fibres, spinning, weaving, dyeing , finishing , Apparel and Home Textile.

Dr. Eng. Rafaat Nono

He is a member of 10th of Ramadan investors association and a board member in the Chamber of Weavers. He is the Chairman of Nono brothers Group , which is one of the leading manufacturers of sports wear.

Eng. Neeman Hesni

He was graduated from faculty of engineering of Ain Shams University in 1968.He established the first company in 1969 . The Egyptian Weavers . followed by Hesni Dyers and Finishers in 1984 and Hesni Knitting Industries in 1992. Hesni Group has made a success out of specializing in the production of cotton and cotton blended fabrics supplied to Egyptian and multinational brand name manufacturers for ready made garments. The dye house specialized in pretreatment, dyeing, finishing and printing woven fabrics made of cotton, viscose, linen, polyester and their blends. About 25% of the materials processed in the dye house is exported to Europe and the United States in the form of ready made garments. Hesni Group was granted the ISO 9001 certificate for quality and creativity in 1998, and the ISO 14001 in 1999 for applying environmental laws and international pollution restrictions.

Through his career he has managed to develop the textile dyeing and finishing Private sector industry in Egypt to competitive with relevant Industries World-wide.

Mr. Mohamed Wagdi El Gazzar

He is the Chairman of Misr Iran spinning Company and it is the largest Private sector spinning mill in Egypt. He has developed the factory to become an export oriented high count yarn manufacturing facility. All the production is currently exported to major buyers in the EU market.

Eng. Ashraf Arafa

He is a member of 10th of Ramadan investors association. He is the Vice Chairman of Arafa Group, which is one of the leading manufacturers of Wool fabrics, branded apparel (suits, pants, shirts and ladie wear) and owner of more than 90 retails outlets in Egypt.

Through his 20 years of experience he has managed to develop the Apparel retail business in Egypt through acquiring the franchise of known world apparel brand names in Egypt. He has formed a wide network of distribution channels as well as being successful in developing marketing and promotional tools that formed consumer loyalty toward his brands.

Eng. Mohamed El Sayyad

He was graduated from the faculty of engineering of Alexandria University in 1975. He started his career as an engineer in el Mahalla el Kobra spinning and weaving company (1976-1977). From 1977 to 1993, he worked in Messiry company, as well as establishing in 1979, tricot el sayyad textile factory. He has developed through his 30 years of practical experience the manufacturing of Apparel in Mehalla city to become a major exporter of knitted apparel to the US and EU markets. He is a board member in El Mahalla El Kobra investors association.

Dr. Mohamed Mohamed Hassan

Dr. Eng. Sherif Hamdy Abd El Daim . Executive Director

B.Sc. He was graduated from the faculty of applied arts, textile section, dyeing, printing and finishing branch, Helwan university, 1991.
M.Sc. in dyeing printing and finishing of textiles, 1999, Helwan university
Ph.D. in dyeing printing and finishing of textiles, 2005, Helwan university
Textile sector coordinator in the Environmental Compliance Office (ECO) . Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI).
General Manger of ARCA co for consultancy and supplying.
  • Member of Egyptian Engineering Syndicate (Textile sector).
  • Member of Applied Art Designers Syndicate (Textile printing, dyeing and finishing)
  • Member of Egyptian Textile Development Association ARCA co. Representative.
  • Registered Consultant, Industrial Modernization Centre (IMC), Cairo
  • Member, Association of Energy Engineering (AEE/USA)
  • Member of the Environment Committee of the Federation of Egyptian Industries.
  • Member of the MEDATEX delegation of Mediterranean countries.